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Are you looking to take your business into the future? Are you tired of hashing over the same old problems, sidestepping the underlying issues, and making little progress? Have you outgrown your current business decision-making methods and business processes?

It will take more than analytics. Clients look to me when they want:

Finance Strategy

to strengthen the balance sheet, implement controls, and analyze the P&L for opportunities to leverage.

Continuous Improvement

to reduce inefficiencies, rebuild broken or outdated processes, and realign to new ways of thinking.

Collaborative Problem Solving

to initiate and engage leadership to create and align with new processes.


“Recognized for significant contributions to the Master Data & Enterprise Sales Intelligence program and as a Global Business Data Steward defining EcoLab global customer master data standards.”

Thomas & Antione, President & COO & VP Commercial Solutions, Ecolab

Continuous Improvement

How We Do Things

Areas of Expertise

Supply Chain
Data Science
Business Reengineering


Finance, Financial Planning & Analytics
Process Improvement – Lean/Six Sigma


Assessments & Strategy
Training & Skill Building

Value-Add Skills Competencies

Project Management
Collaborative Engagement
Skilled Problem Solver Coaching/Mentoring

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Business transformations are not created by looking at singular issues.
Business transformations are created by examining all of the issues, plus…
how they fit together.

I look at how things happen, how everything goes together,
and the most efficient way to do it.

  • That’s why I reduced waste, increase sales, and improved profitability, which turned around two $5M restaurant stores
  • That’s why I stabilized processes, and controls and simplified operations, plus introduced new technologies and operations, which reduce processing errors by 40% and operating costs by 60%
  • That’s why I created and implemented and implemented strategic and tactical plans, which grew accounts primary sales accounts by $15M annually in less than three years.


Reduce Operating Costs


Reduce Processing Errors


What We Do Best

Strategize Financials


Initiate and engage


Discover underlying cause

Create New Processes

problem solving

Optimize Your Business

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